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Phottix 2-1 strip softbox met grid 140x35cm

Phottix 2-1 strip softbox met grid 140x35cm

i.c.m. apart bij te bestellen speedring voor div studio merken. (zonder afgebeeld statief)

Artikelcode: 82670

A lighting modifier for special effects and drama. A strip box is great as rim light and can be used to craft very moody portraits. 

This professional grade softbox is made with high quality reflective and diffusive material.  The interior is made of pro-grade omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with durable black backing. It also features an interior white baffle to provide softer light. An attachable grid is included to better control and aim light from the softbox.

* Speed ring sold seperately. 

-Interior and exterior diffusers
-Carrying bag
-Mounting rods
-Removable Grid

€ 79.95