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Phottix Atlas 2 [ EU model 244 mhz ] transciever

Phottix Atlas 2 [ EU model 244 mhz ] transciever

compatible met phottix Odin en Strato

Artikelcode: 89103

Back and better than ever!

The Phottix Atlas II is the professional choice for reliable wireless flash triggering. Say goodbye to transmitters and receivers to trigger flashes, studio lights, and cameras – one remote will do it all. The Atlas II triggers flashes at sync speeds of up to 1/250 sec.* The system will trigger cameras, flashes and studio lights at distances of 350 meters or more.
The Phottix Atlas II is a transceiver. With the simple change of a switch the Atlas II is ready to either transmit or receive signals. Simplify your off-camera flash triggering – one unit can be used as a transmitter or receiver.
The Atlas II is compatible with Phottix Strato and Odin series TTL triggers. It fits in perfectly with the Phottix’s existing line-up, allowing the power and freedom of a long-range transceiver. 
Triggering flashes is only one of the Phottix Atlas II functions. It can also be used, with Phottix Accessory Cables, as a wired or wireless shutter release. It now features a two stage shutter button – a half-press will autofocus, a full press takes a photo.
With a hot shoe on the receiver and two 3.5mm sync ports the Phottix Atlas II can be used to easily trigger hot shoe flashes and studio lights.*
- Long Range
- High Sync Speed
- Transmitter and receiver modes
- 4 channels
- Triggers hot shoe flashes and studio lights.
- A hot shoe port and two sync ports for attaching flashes and strobes.
- Wired and wireless shutter release functions
- Digital IC
- Two-color status LED
- Uses AA Batteries or DC power port
Technical Specs
Frequency: 2.4 GHz.  
Range: 350m
Channel: 4 channels           
Batteries: 2 x AA batteries                       
Max sync speed: 1/250 sec*
Ports: Hot shoe, 3.5 mm ports           
Attachment: 1/4 tripod lug
Operating temperature: -15—65 C   

note: Atlas II is not compatible with Atlas I

€ 79.95