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Phottix wireless digital timer remote AION Nikon

Phottix wireless digital timer remote AION Nikon

Artikelcode: AionN

The Phottix Aion Wireless Timer and Shutter Release takes wireless triggering to the next level. The revolutionary wireless/wired timer and shutter release offers photographer an amazing number of triggering options, including auto-bracketing for HDR. 

What does the Phottix Aion offer?
Timer and Long Exposure Functions
Shutter Release Functions
Wired or wireless operations
2.4 GHz frequency
60m range
Backlit LCD
AAA batteries 
Timer Functions
Self, interval and long exposure timers
Number of frames setting
Auto-bracketed timer setting for HDR photos
Shutter functions
Two-stage shutter button for AF and shutter release
Instant, continuous 5 shot, 2 second delay and bulb shutter release mode.
Phottix Aion sets for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus are available. 
Technical Specifications

Range: 60 meter

Batteries: AAA

Storage Temperature: -10 C to 60 C

Standby Timer: 48 Hours


Transmitting power: ≤-10dBm

Working voltage: 3.0 V

Size: 130.4 mm X 46.2 mm X 22 mm

Weight: 56.5g  


Receiving sensitivity: -90 dBm

Working voltage: 3.0 V

Size: 85 mm X 37.4 mm X 30.9 mm

Weight: 37.5 g

€ 109.95